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Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Dakota 5050 Horse Sale and Futurity to promote quality performance horses that are good moving, good minded, athletic individuals, that have the capability to work and will look good when engaged in activities, while maintaining at all times the horses physical and mental potential.

It is further the purpose of the Dakota 5050 Horse Sale and Futurity to provide an event that is enjoyable to spectators and will be beneficial to and promotional of the horse industry as a whole.

 Goals of the Dakota 50/50 Breeders Organization 



1. To promote a good moving, well broke individual whose conformation is correct and sound, with eye appeal. 

2. To promote a variety of disciplines through their participation in the Sale & Futurity.

3. Provide an event that is enjoyable to the spectator.

4. Provide an event that is beneficial to the Dakota Horse Industry. Summary: To promote kinder training methods, resulting in a more efficient horse and to establish a greater market for good riding horses – horses that have a soft mouth, respond to a light rein and have a comfortable head carriage.


 to train and develop all horses in a humane manner, protecting at all times, their physical and mental potentials



2023 Rules and Regulations

Dakota 5050 2023 Rules, Regulations and Schedule

Maturity Trail Pattern

Maturity Cow Horse

Reining Pattern AQHA Number 9

Entry Form

Entry Form

2023 Entry Form

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